Seeking Climate Program Manager

The newly created Office of Climate and Sustainability seeks a climate program manager to accelerate Duke's commitment to integrate climate and sustainability into the university’s education, research, operations and public service missions.

The Duke Climate Commitment is a university-wide, impact-oriented initiative to address the climate crisis by creating sustainable and equitable solutions that place society on the path toward a resilient, flourishing, carbon-neutral world. Through education, research, external engagement and campus operations, the Duke Climate Commitment seeks to imagine, design and implement a sustainable future for all.

Duke Climate Commitment Student Town Hall

Join members of the newly created Office of Climate and Sustainability and other key campus partners on Oct. 10 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. EDT for a Zoom conversation about Duke’s Climate Commitment — one year after the announcement of the initiative. All Duke undergraduate and graduate/professional students are welcome; pre-registration is required. This semesterly update on the state of work in support of the Climate Commitment is an opportunity for students to participate in a Q&A session and provide feedback.

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The commitment builds on Duke’s longstanding leadership in climate, energy and sustainability to educate a new generation of climate-fluent innovators and create equitable solutions for all. Current Duke-affiliated students, staff- and faculty can subscribe to the official Duke Climate Commitment biweekly newsletter.

Investing for Mission-Driven Institutions: Balancing Fiduciary Requirements and Expressing Institutional Values

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 6 p.m., the Office of Climate and Sustainability will host a non-credit-bearing, nine-session seminar series bringing together faculty, students, staff and others to consider key questions related to long-term investing by mission-based institutions. This includes whether and how best to balance the fiduciary requirements associated with such investments and express institutional values. Sessions will be in-person.

What We're Doing

Through the years we’ve woven climate and sustainability through most aspects of Duke to address the climate crisis in novel ways and create sustainable and equitable solutions, seeking knowledge in education, research, sustainable operations, external engagement and community partnerships.

A Timeline of Climate at Duke

Get Involved

Engaging the entire Duke community is a critically important facet of our commitment to address the climate crisis. Find out how you can get involved.